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Mexican Fireleg (B boehmei)

Mexican Fireleg (B boehmei)

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The Mexican Fireleg Tarantula, scientifically known as Brachypelma boehmei, is a fascinating and visually striking arachnid that hails from the tropical rainforests of Mexico. Its vibrant appearance makes it a highly sought-after species among tarantula enthusiasts. With a leg span reaching up to five inches, this medium-sized tarantula showcases a captivating coloration that sets it apart from other tarantula species. The Mexican Fireleg Tarantula's exoskeleton is adorned with a mesmerizing combination of deep red and orange hues, accentuated by contrasting black joints. This fiery coloration gives it an unmistakable and captivating appearance, making it a true showstopper. Its velvety bristles add to its allure, making it a visually stunning creature to observe. Despite its arresting appearance, the Mexican Fireleg Tarantula is known for its docile temperament. It tends to be calm and relatively slow-moving, which makes it an excellent choice for tarantula enthusiasts of all levels of experience. While it possesses venom, its bite is considered mild and poses little threat to humans. However, handling should still be done with caution, as individual tarantulas may vary in behavior. The Mexican Fireleg Tarantula's captivating appearance, combined with its manageable nature, makes it a popular choice for tarantula enthusiasts who appreciate both aesthetics and ease of care. Its presence adds a touch of fiery beauty to any arachnid collection.


Brachypelma boehmei

Western Guerrero State on the Pacific coast of Mexico

Sling- Sling box or 8oz deli cup
Juvenile - 9x6x6 enclosure
Sub-Adult/Adult - 12x8x8 enclosure, 2 ½ or 5 gallon tank
Provide them with a cork bark hide, water dish, a little sphagnum moss (optional) and straight coco fiber. However a substrate like jungle mix or creature soil which is mainly peat moss, a little soil and a small amount of sand. Coco fiber works very well and is the least expensive.

Roaches, crickets and superworms is our recommended foods. However, mealworms, are also acceptable.

72-82F, heating generally isn’t a concern with this species.

65%-70%, slings should stay on lightly moist substrate, adults should have a water dish and a corner of their enclosure that goes through a wet/dry cycle, moistening the substrate and then leaving it alone until it dries out.

Adults can reach up to 6" diagonal leg span.

7-25 Years (Males 7 years, with females drastically outliving them at 25 years)

We do not recommend keeping tarantulas as they will cannibalize each other. Its best to keep tarantulas in individual enclosures.


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