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Golden Red Rump (B albiceps)

Golden Red Rump (B albiceps)

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Brachypelma albiceps, known in the hobby as the Mexican Golden Red Rump Tarantula or the Amula Red Rump is one of the best tarantulas in the hobby. This species has black velvety legs and abdomen with bright red setae on the abdomen and a light gold carapace that makes this t a gorgeous addition to any collection. This is a new world tarantula that doesn't have medically significant venom but is equipped with urticating hairs which can be itchy if you are sensitive to them. The B. albiceps was described in 1903 and is found in the savanna and scrub lands of Mexico. They are found hiding in underground burrows, at the base of trees or in nests or burrows on the ground left behind by other animals. Females of this species can live as long as nearly 20 years getting to around 6” in size while males tend to live only 5 years and are a little smaller. This tarantula is known for its docile nature, rarely kicking hairs of showing defensive behaviors. Even as spiderlings, my Golden Red Rumps are slower moving and prefer to stay stationary anytime i remove their lid to feed or water. My adult specimen is a great eater, pouncing on prey as soon as it is near by, but my spiderling is a little more shy, waiting until i have put the lid back on the enclosure and placed it safely back on the shelf before even attempting to track and eat the cricket in their with her. This is a very thick and hardy species and one of the easiest NW species to care for making it an amazing beginner tarantula though they can be difficult to find for sale which usually means they are going to be more expensive than the more common Brachypelma species.


Brachypelma albiceps


Sling- Sling box or 8oz deli cup
Juvenile - 7x4x4 enclosure
Sub-Adult/Adult - 9x6x6 enclosure, 2 ½ or 5 gallon tank
Provide them with a cork bark hide, water dish, a little sphagnum moss (optional) and straight coco fiber. However a substrate like jungle mix or creature soil which is mainly peat moss, a little soil and a small amount of sand. Coco fiber works very well and is the least expensive.

Roaches, crickets and mealworms is our recommended foods. However, superworms are also acceptable when they reach adulthood.

68-75F, heating generally isn’t a concern with this species, and they do well at room temperature.

70%-85%, slings should stay on lightly moist substrate, adults should have a water dish and a corner of their enclosure that goes through a wet/dry cycle, moistening the substrate and then leaving it alone until it dries out.

Adults can reach up to 6-7" diagonal leg span.

5-20 years (Males 5 years, with females drastically outliving them at 20+ years)

We do not recommend keeping tarantulas as they will cannibalize each other. Its best to keep tarantulas in individual enclosures.


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